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Latest New Testing Tools in 2012

With Cloud Adoption and Cloud based products we have testing products based on Cloud environments.

  1. SOASTA – Cloud based performance testing tool for web and mobile apps
  2. Sauce Labs – Cloud based cross browser testing tool
  3. BlazeMeter – Jmeter for the cloud FoneMonkey – Automation for iOS, Android and Flex Applications
  4. Clutch.IO – Native A/B testing service for iOS and Android



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Guidelines for Reviewing Automation Framework

  1. Rerunnable – Runs for different data inputs, Runs Against Multiple Environments (DEV, Test, UAT Environments)
  2. Retryable – Failures are managed to differentiate False Failures, Timeout Issues. Retry Failed Cases couple of times before isolating them for further analysis
  3. Reportable – Use Reporting Framework to publish / email results / Reports of Test Execution, Time Taken, Failed Cases, Exceptions Caught
  4. Reusable – Adhere to design patterns while developing framework. Refactor the code  over iterations
  5. Maintainable – Include Logging, Ease of Configuration using XML, Config Files, Exceptions Management for better Debugging, Complete Automated Approach to maintain / Execute / Check Results
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